Cultural resources shape the feel of the Northeast Iowa region and impact its sense of place.  Cultural resources are the expressions of customs or traditions of a distinct group of people, including, but not limited to, art, music, festivals, experiences, food, ethnic traditions, and heritage.  Artistic resources such as visual art, performing art, public art, opportunities to create art, and live performances are a significant element of cultural quality.

Featured Cultural Resources

[cover_boxes active_element=”Culture Resources” title1=”Schera’s Algerian-American Restaurant” text1=”Shera’s restaurant offers a mix of Algerian, North African, Mediterranean, and Midwest cuisines.” link1=”” link_label1=”” target1=”_blank” title2=”Agricultural Heritage ” text2=”Northeast Iowa has a rich agricultural heritage as evidenced by the many historic barns and barn quilts. ” link2=”” link_label2=”Barn Quilts of Iowa” target2=”_blank” title3=”Effigy Mounds National Monument” text3=”Effigy Mounds preserves over 200 prehistoric Native American burial mounds among breathtaking topography.” link3=”” link_label3=”Effigy Mounds” target3=”_blank” image1=”667″ title_color1=”#ff360e” image2=”450″ title_color2=”#ff360e” image3=”359″ title_color3=”#ff360e”]